Our Story


Launched in 2018, JunBugg was created by founder, Louis Green to help people achieve fitness success, with a mission to provide a higher quality of life. But the idea was conceived many years prior to its launch.


The Beginning

A rich tradition of football and oil wealth, Dallas, Texas is where the origin of JunBugg was conceived, when Louis began playing Pop Warner football for the Oak Cliff Mustangs. In the four seasons that Louis played for the Mustangs, camaraderie and "teamwork" lead to many championships.

It was an amazing experience, from beginning practice with running a lap around the field, calisthenics, and six-inches, to tackling drills, scrimmaging, and ending with sprints. And notably Thursday night potluck with mouth-watering Texas barbecue, delicious baked beans, fresh potato salad, ice-cold Coca-Cola, just to name a few. Participating in a healthy activity with the Mustangs was entertaining, while also keeping Louis fit, a fitness experience that would later become the blueprint for JunBugg.

Winning at an early age taught Louis the effects of "teamwork." It allows one to foster camaraderie, innovate, and better problem solve, to accomplish far more than as an individual alone. Most important, one achieves success while having fun through social engagement. As an adult, Louis realized that "teamwork" was the key to success in business and also in life.

The Problem

Louis continued playing sports till college and often wondered why weight gain was difficult. He learned that he possesses an ectomorph body-type, a slender body and fast metabolism which makes weight and muscle gain difficult. This frustrated Louis because for athletes being bigger and stronger are good things.

After learning about body-types, Louis began recognizing the deception in fitness advertisements, that makes people think they can achieve the same level of fitness as the fitness model, who doesn’t share the same body-type. This bothered Louis, and it was equally irritating seeing people at the gym with naturally slender body-types and fast metabolisms, instruct people with slow metabolisms how to lose weight. And conversely, seeing people that have naturally muscular body-types and slow metabolisms, instruct people with fast metabolisms how to build muscle.

The Solution & Innovation

Louis recognized that if he was experiencing problems gaining weight, conversely other people were experiencing problems losing weight, a bigger problem. Frustrated with the one-size-fits-all training programs, Louis created JunBugg, a fitness social network — that emphasize “teamwork.”

A social media platform built on innovative software design, encompasses "team members" of similar body-types, where that the success of an individual is achieved through collaboration, and leveraging the successful experiences of their "teammates." This is the same concept that has allowed humankind to evolve, “learn from someone that has achieved what you want to do.”

The effectiveness of the concept is amplified using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Algorithm technology. It organically recommends effective and successful fitness solutions to newsfeed. As fitness solutions improve, the algorithm learns and recommend those.

Louis discovered that the same concept used for body-type training can also be applied to medical conditions, for example cancer and diabetes. People that have cured their condition or greatly reduced their discomfort can share their solutions with "team members."

Fitness Wealth

"Teamwork" leads to success. Being healthy — the ability to easily participate in physical activity, to experience the joys of life, such as walking on the beach or hiking is priceless. For the higher quality of life that fitness brings, Louis adopted the term Fitness Wealth.

The invaluable data that members provide enable them to take their fitness, mental health, and sports performance to higher levels, while combating obesity, disease, e-cigarette, and drug addiction, for a higher quality of life. The hallmark of success, “teamwork” is the fuel that allows common people to achieve the extraordinary.


—  “People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society."
                               Vince Lombardi, Legendary NFL Football Coach (1913-1970)