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Your JunBugg Business Page® is an amazing overview of your business that allows unparalleled Branding and Marketing Exposure for your business. It encompass an alluring Cover Image that captivate your audience and distinct social networking features that showcase — Promotional Videos, Images, & Newsfeed that engage your target audience. Get your Business Page today! Prosperity and a higher quality of life await.



Premium Benefits


  • Increased revenue, wealth, success, and a higher quality life
  • Enjoy dining, traveling, shopping, taking time off from work, & spending time with family
  • Leave a legacy for your family — money, your business, college tuition, stocks, bonds, real estate, life & health insurance
  • The joy and freedom of doing what you want to do, when you want to do it
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Distinct Attributes


Engagement & Relevance

Increase awareness of your business with an effective online presence you can make in minutes. Use JunBugg Events® to spread the word, share key details, to maximize awareness for increased attendance. Easily connect your products and services to your local and global markets that skyrocket income.

Influence & Visibility

Crush revenue goals by growing followers and converting them into customers. Start by inviting customers, friends, and other interested people to your Page. Build a community of active and engaged audience that shatter profit goals.

Innovate & Amplify

Posting to your Business Page is a phenomenal way to let customers and fans know what your business is up to. Keep customers and fans engaged with your product, industry information, event notifications, plus more, that magnify earnings.

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NextGen Features


  • * Large Cover Image
    * Website Link & Contact Info.
  • * Newsfeed & Hashtags
  • * Event Planning
  • * Distinct Profile
  • * Alerts & Notifications
  • * Social Media Polls
  • * Like, Reviews, & Ratings
  • * File Share
  • * Groups & Group Messaging
  • * NextGen Messaging & Live Chat
  • * Share Images & Videos
  • * Invite Friends

Distinct Core Benefits

  • * Ignite Website Traffic
  • * Acquire Customers
  • * Build A Thriving Community
  • * Create A Massive Email List
  • * Catapult SEO
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