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Fitness Wealth — is the pinnacle in health, the complete physical and mental wellbeing, allowing one to flourish and enjoy the highest quality life.

A little-known secret about wealth, health is a requirement! Mental Health allows one to be emotionally healthy — be content with one's self, make rational decisions, and have positive/healthy thoughts. A Healthy Body allows one to physically move, easily work, be productive, and enjoy activity. These ingredients makeup fitness wealth, which leads to greater income and a higher quality life. Download Complimentary Case Study: How Wealth Is Linked to Health (PDF)

The world has known many people to attain wealth but were unable to retain it because of a lack of mental health (substance abuse and the inability to be content with oneself and the material things that one possesses). See the mental health & wealth of billionaire Warren Buffett

Affluence – The mind is in a clear state for high-level thinking. These billionaires chose lifetime abstinence from alcohol, tobacco & drugs. Download Complementary - Millennial Wealth & Lifestyle Report, eBook

  • * Steve Jobs, Apple founder, market value  — $1 trillion
  • * Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, market value — $1 trillion
  • * Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway founder, market value — $500 billion
  • * Larry Ellison, Oracle Founder, market value — $225 billion

Why settle for less than the finer things in life. Level the playing field by getting fit.
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