• Movement through energy enables fitness, and with it comes all the accolades of life.

    Movement through energy enables fitness, and with it comes all the accolades of life.

Mission −
To assist maximum people achieve superior fitness and health, most efficiently and consistently, in a safe and healthy way.

Redefining Elegance

An extraordinary breakthrough in personalized fitness — Disrupting the social media industry, JunBugg is a boutique Fitness Social Network & Lifestyle Brand that makes fitness fun and easy. With unparalleled success, it uses a unique Body-Type Matching™ and Mentoring System to achieve superior fitness.

OUR LIFESTYLE BRAND: Quality, Simplicity, Excellence — What distinguish JunBugg from other fitness programs is that, (1) you socialize with teammates of similar body-types, (2) it's easy, and (3) it makes the fitness process entertaining. The amazing fitness experience leverages the celebrated Lifestyle Brand that inspires and motivates through Entertainment – Style, Culture, Artists, Music & Sports.

Body Sculpting 101™. Through social engagement, you network with "team members" of similar Genetic Body-Types™ that have successfully sculpted their bodies, to teach you to do the same. Members of similar body-types (Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph) collaborate, support, and inspire by sharing fitness, nutrition, and exercise strategies. The pioneering human-body classification system, "Body-Types" was created by Dr. William Sheldon during 1940's. The beauty of JunBugg lies in the Fitness Profile that a ton of time was spent on thinking about the specifics of your unique body-type, that members complete for Body-Type Matching™, for customized training.

A paradigm shift in Fitness & Health, JunBugg is an invaluable, preventive, personalized health solution that focuses on creating the ultimate you. In essence, JunBugg is a lifestyle that promotes the pinnacle in fitness, health, exercise, and mental well-being.


  • Boutique Social Fitness Attributes – personal page, business page, body-type search, medical solution search, private community groups, videos, photos, real-time chat, instant messaging, group events, companion search
  • Launched – 2018
  • Business Type – Fitness Social Network
  • Industry – Fitness, Health & Wellness
  • Uniqueness – entertaining, simplicity, fitness is achieved through social engagement with members of similar body-types and medical conditions
  • Benefits – wealth, fitness excellence, relieved medical conditions, sobriety empowerment, eating disorder prosperity, mental health enrichment
  • Slogan – The Ultimate Body Sculpting Program™
  • Vision – To transform physical fitness and provide exceptional service and user experience to members globally
  • Company Name – JunBugg, pronounced like the insect June Bug and its unique spelling was chose to brand the business. The other reason the name was chosen is because of the similarities with the June Bug insect; they emerge in great quantities in the summer. Similarly, people emerge in great quantities at the gym during spring to get fit for summer, and also in January to achieve their New Year's fitness resolution.


Core Values

— Service —
Constantly perfecting, expanding our services, and finding solutions are
paramount. This is how we create value for members and humanity.

— Consciousness —
We're all one energy and aspire to be a higher self and understand
that gratitude and love transcend life, make infinite possibilities.

— Employees —
We value employees; they are everything and the biggest asset to
our business. Laborers are the reason for great works of art.

Integrity —
We conduct business in a culture that requires the highest code of
ethics and principles. Our responsibility to integrity is unwavering.

Innovation —
We believe in dreaming, thinking unconventional, and exploring the
unbelievable. We are unique; we are committed to innovation.

Team —
Recruiting team members that are aligned with our mission and
values are invaluable to our success. Teams win championships.

Enjoyment —
We promote a fun, flexible, and energetic work environment to stimulate
creativity and productivity. Having fun promotes greatness.

                                                                                                      Venice, Ca USA

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